6 Steps to Facebook Marketing Success

The Psychological Elements Your Facebook Posts or Ads MUST Contain to Passively Attract Prospects, Customers and Recruits

In this day and age, Facebook, of all social media platforms, is the ultimate tool for advertising. The reason being is that Facebook has, on average, the largest number of monthly and daily active users, i.e. 1.71 billion, and 1.13 billion respectively. On that account, it is undeniably impractical to forgo acknowledging the importance of social media platforms like Facebook. Nonetheless, in order to properly deploy this medium for advertising purposes, it is absolutely vital to recognize that advertising is not all that it is cracked up to be. Effectively appealing to your targeted audience goes way beyond just using fancy words or colorful images etc.; all that is really just an old wife’s tale.

Following are the Dos and Don’ts when you turn to Facebook to advertise your business/company/products/services:

  • DON’T bother them with unnecessary information Nobody wants to hear exhausting details pertaining to your company if it doesn’t involve or concern them and so, posting ads free of such information usually does the trick.
  • DO maintain the essence of mystery Do not give everything away; your brand, your company profile etc. Just briefly albeit smartly highlighting the areas you specialize in and how THEY can benefit from you is what will tempt them to reach out to you.
  • DON’T bore them by just being “another company that goes by the book” More often than not, companies go about singing praises of stale practices and beliefs that are long gone. This has to be the greatest of all “turn offs”.
  • DO make your audience feel like you have the solution to their particular problem “Calling all Acne sufferers” “Attention all diabetes patients” “Are you a victim of migraine?” and other similar “catch phrases” are sure shot ways to getting traffic to your business. However, one must always play safe and steer clear of challenging any deeply-held beliefs and infuriating or scaring away any people who might potentially become customers.
  • DO prove to them that you are trustworthy A customer NEEDS to know they are in good hands. Demonstrating credibility and authority does wonders to your business. Examples of content that you can include may be testimonials from satisfied customers, or similar statements thereof. Needless to say, having established a relationship with your clients translates to success.
  • DO show them how you’re different from your counterparts in the marketplace, but don’t overdo it. Usually, marketers get carried away and inadvertently (or otherwise) end up offending another business a little too blatantly. Which, of course, is yet another turn off for clients. You must be respectful toward others, regardless, and be careful as to not come off as a discourteous organization.

Lastly, inserting compelling call for actions alongside articulating benefits in a brief yet detailed manner completes the task and will help you reach desired traffic.

To Your massive success

Volker Schaefer

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