Free Traffic with Signature Files

A signature file is a file that is appended (added) to the end of your email message.

One of the best uses for signature files is that it offers a VERY low-key way to advertise your opportunity or products. If you aren’t using a signature file with every email message, then you are missing very valuable marketing opportunities.

People with common characteristics use bulletin boards, chat rooms and newsgroups making them a targeted place to find prospects that might be ideal for your opportunity. For example, there are newsgroups for sales people, or people interested in health etc. Often, many bulletin boards, chat rooms, newsgroups etc. will not allow you to promote your opportunity or your products. 

You can however answer questions and help others and simply append your signature file after you have helped someone with your email message. Now anyone reading your message can see the value of your message, you won’t be blatantly advertising, yet they’ll see your signature file that is a FREE advertisement in itself! 

When creating a signature file, it’s important to remember the reason for your signature file. The reason for your signature file is to motivate people to examine your opportunity or products. It is NOT to sell them anything. A signature file is too brief to effectively sell anything so your only goal is to get them to check out your offer!

How to create an effective signature file!

The most effective signature files are made up of 4 key items as follows:

1) They are short and list a benefit first (your contact information can come later as prospects are most interested in the benefits not you).

2) They provide an added bonus or reason for someone to take action immediately.

3) They have an actual link someone can click on to either send you an email or go directly to your web site.

4) They provide your contact information.

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