How to Build a Social Media Brand

How to do it?

The foremost thing in building a social media brand is introducing and setting up the definition of your brand. This involves but is not limited to drafting the mission and vision in the first place. How the brand aims to bring a change and once that change persists what else the brand has in store for its customers.

Next thing under the umbrella of the establishment of the brand is highlighting the strongest suit of your brand and portray it as the promise of it. Customers like to interact with the brand and be aware of the fact that how this brand is going to change and affect their lives both immediately and in the long run. Hence, chalking our a brand promise is critical for developing a contributing image in the perceptions of the customer.

Brand assessment:

Brand assessment is the whole process of seeing your brand in the practical market as one of the components. It includes all the brainstorming regarding how your brand is going to make its place amongst the competitors and how it is going to change the lives of the customers in terms of enriching it. Roughly, brand assessment revolves around following seven domains:

  1. In the case of you as an individual, your business and the product which you are going to present, what are the things which are liked by your customers and what are the points which make these things look not so good?
  2. What characteristics of your business or product are trusted by customers and what aspects make them skeptical?
  3. What is the general perception of the customers regarding you and your perception? Do they know what exactly your business is all about?
  4. Why should they opt for the product that my business has to offer?
  5. What makes you stand out of the crowd since your competitors are selling the same thing?
  6. What aspect of the customer’s life is affected by your product in a good way or bad, both?
  7. How does your product make its place in the lives of their customers and how does it get along with their lives which are significantly better even without the product in the first place.

Interview questions to ask family, friends and current customers:

  1. Describe my business in a one liner sentence.
  2. What words are you going to choose to explain in detail the products and services offered by my business?
  3. What is the one reason, which compels you to buy my products rather than going for the products that my competitors have to offer?
  4. If my business was a car then what car are you going to choose to assign to my business?
  5. Now assign a car to my top three competitors out there in the market.
  6. If my business was an actor/actress which one would it be?
  7. Which one would it be for the three top competitors of my business out there?

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