How to generate new leads with Solo Ads

Last week I bought another Solo Ad to promote my business online.

If you don’t know what’s a Solo Ad:

You pay somebody to send your link and ad to his list.

I’m sending them to my Lead capture page where I give them free value – for example a free Lead Generation System that’s free for live.

But it’s not really free, because they give me their Email address and allow me to send them messages.

In this messages I give them some advice how to sell more stuff online and sometimes I make an offer to buy a product.

Then they know me and realise that I can help them to improve their online sales.

And so I offer another product with more value and a higher price, and so on.

But back to my solo ad last week:

I bought 175 clicks

I got 183 clicks

Finally I got 31 new leads!

And 2 sales on affiliate products that paid me about $ 30 commission.

Solo ad cost have been $ 73.

Here are the statistics:


So this ad paid me 50% of my costs immediately and in the upselling process it’ll make me a big amount of money.

Never forget: the money is in the list!

To your massive success

Volker Schaefer

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