How to get an active networker to join your business?

DONE is better than PERFECT

According to market experts, there is only one reason that an active networker will leave whatever he is doing and join your business opportunity which will be explained in the following article.

When you know your business has implemented all the techniques of marketing and you are getting leads and talking to new people every day along with a lot of following on social media, and yet no one is joining your team.

The question to ask at this point in time is, what changes you need to make in order to attract people to your business opportunity to such an extent that they would be on board? You might ask yourself if broadcasting a facebook live or using a video chat might help, or maybe hosting an online event will be effective. All sorts of methods would come into your mind related to what can be done in order to recruit people into your organization.

Give them a solution

The only reason that you can get a networker to join your team is to understand their struggle. You need to offer them a way to build their business in a better way. You are brought back to the basics of attraction marketing. People go online because they are searching for answers and are struggling. Whatever struggle they are having in their network marketing business, you need to recognize it. Maybe they are tired of rejection from their peers and family, or they do not want to be a part of home meetings anymore. They might also be struggling with their marketing techniques where their recruiting strategies are not working. This is why when you come up and provide them with a better way to build their business, they will join you without even questioning.

You should be able to offer them a way which will help build their business and deal with the problems that they are currently struggling with. The single biggest problem that distributors face in network marketing is generating leads and this is the first thing that is taught to you and it will allow you to find new prospects using online strategies which you will teach to the active networker.

Setup an effective recruiting process

This is one of the ways that will get you an active networker. After you have successfully generated leads, you need to implement a recruiting process which will allow a transition to take place from the prospect to the new distributor of your business. When your recruiting process is witnessed by the prospects that are when they will be eager and willing to join you. And the best part about this is that they know that the recruiting process is effective because it got them to join your business.

Their problem lies in the fact that the recruitment process is not working for them and here you provide the solution to their problem. This is why your method of recruiting people should be effective, predictable, replicable and systematized. Once your system works properly, it won’t be long before you get active networkers.

It is essential to help them start a process that will transform them into a distributor or a customer. You will be able to present a plan through the use of webinar online or you can leverage your facebook group which can prove to be quite effective for one in one communication. There are numerous online strategies that work and can prove quite useful for your business and it is imperative that you have a superior business building system which will enable you to teach the prospects how to get new recruits for their businesses.

Have a better recruiting system

The only reason, as you must have gathered from this article, that will attract an active networker to join your business opportunity is to have a better recruiting system. They will witness your system and will want that to be a part of their business and hence, they will jump at any opportunity that they might get to join you. The only thing that you need to work on is how to present and demonstrate your recruiting system. This will involve showing how it works and the reasons why it is better than the other out there.

Spamming other groups or news feeds will not get you anywhere. It will not allow you to build your business as it does not attract new customers. You might be able to recruit a few prospects using this method, but there is no guarantee that they will stay for a long time. This is why it is essential to use an effective recruitment system which will need you to attract people towards your business, create followers, and create an email list, connect with people on Facebook and start conversations with dozens of people every day. After you generate a huge number of prospects daily, you will be able to recruit a certain percentage from those and thus this is how you will learn about how to convert people from a mere prospect to a reliable and loyal customer for your organization.

To sum it up, your prospects are undergoing the struggle of not being able to recruit people using the techniques that they have been taught, however, once you show them the light, they will come towards you like moths to a flame. Proving a system superior to the rest will make them throw away the ones that they have been employing and adopt the one that you are offering.

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